New Peep Show Teaser

peep show teaser from peep show on Vimeo.


Take it in--it's a new teaser out from the girls of Peep Show--June Bhongjan, Esthera Preda, Laurie Gauvin, and Magalie Dubois.

According to the official press release, the goal with Peep Show is to take women's snowboarding in a new direction by bringing new faces to the scene, and emphasizing the real and unrefined aspects of a group of women who are in it just for the love.

We were intrigued, so we got June on the phone to answer some questions. She says the crew didn't set out to make a movie for the mainstream, just, " a small friend movie for ourselves." But the girls got a good response at SIA and decided to release the teaser. June says, "We're all good friends who like the same kind of riding and have similar style." She adds, "Our goal for the film is for it to be short and straight to the point with really good riding."

With a Big Bear local (June Bhongjan) and three Québécoise (Esthera, Laurie, and Magalie) at the helm, expect to see plenty of riding from the slopes of Bear to the rails of SLC (where they're based) on to the streets of Quebec. June sums it up as a film that will be, "a little more unrefined." Sounds good to us.

Peep Show will be available as a free download online. Watch for it.

Riders include: June Bhongjan, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, Laurie Gauvin, Magalie Dubois, Sara Phillips, Jess Kimura, Marie Hucal, Sandra Hillen, Izzy Lalive, Gabby Maiden, Bev Vuilleumier, Claudia Biron, Madison Blackley, Ariane Moisan, Iris Lazz, Maribeth Swetkoff, and MORE friends …