MTN LAB Drive By

The DC MTN Lab sits atop twenty-two acres in the rolling hills of Jeremy Ranch, Utah, as it has since the fall of 2000. It’s a mere stones throw away from Park City, and a short rental cars drive from the nearby Canyons resort. After a long, windy private road littered with “speed humps, you’re faced with a large, drawbridge style gate surrounded by a moat of titanic proportions and a pair of German shepherd wielding guards. I lied, there are no guards, and there is no moat, but the gate is impressive for sure. Once inside the compound a tour of the house was in order, and this was some real Cribs shit. I won’t jock too hard, but the residence has all the amenities … x 1000.

As of you reading this, the MTN LAB is in full effect, with jibbers jibbing, jumpers jumping and the rope tow towing—don’t pet the baby moose. Let’s focus on jumpers jumping for a second; the newest addition to this mountain paradise is a moveable jump. The snow covered, wooden ramp is built atop a slider system and can be extended out to around fifty feet from the knuckle, when we where there it was sitting at about thirty-five feet. Don’t you wish Gunny hooked up your backyard? Big thanks to Sean Lake, and Nick Olson for showing us around and feeding us DC Founder Ken Block’s beer.