Mikey Radziwon popping off the roof at Mt. High. Photo: Bryce Maxwell

A few weeks ago on an otherwise normal weekday at Mountain High, Justin Montoya (Terrain Park Manager), inspired by a symphony of snow removal, commandeered a skid steer and created an impromptu bomb drop off the south wall of the West Base Lodge. Mikey Radziwon, Cory Whetstone, Anthony Fire, and a guy only known as Mizl, cleared a launch pad atop the roof and began scoping out the newly-created landing. After only 2 practice attempts, the 4 riders began throwing down. Anthony elected to throw down a clean Frontside Nosebone with Whetstone following up with a very classic and very stylish method. Mikey decided a Front 270 Melon would be a nice variation while Mizl, took it way back to the days of Palmer with a One Footed Bomb Drop to seal the stylish deal. The session ended as quickly as it began, and just like that, the snow was cleared, the crowd dispersed, and everyone walked away with a fun story to tell.

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