Mt. Baker With Pelosi & Friends

Our crew left Whistler on Wednesday in search of some snow, and the conditions at Mt. Baker were epic this weekend. Familiar faces filled the non-existent lift lines, legends such as Temple Cummins and Barret Christy, locals Pat McCarthy, Mark Landvik & John Laing. Out of town shredders flocked to the snow—Wille Yli Luoma, Shaun McKay and our crew—Annie Boulanger, Jeff Keenan, Joanna, Russell and myself.

Mellow was the theme of the weekend. The US border crossing patrol waived us by as if there was no line between the U.S. and Canada, I managed to trade a copy of Misschief with the shop girl for some rental boots that I forgot in the driveway at home, sweet! When we got to the parking lot, there weren’t as many people as you would expect for over a foot of fresh new snow. It was insane. I couldn’t believe that run after run we were getting freshies! The Baker virgins, Joanna and Russell decided to duck the “extreme danger and “cliff signs, thinking they could billy goat down if it got super sketch. Apparently they had to belay themselves down a tree to get down the run safely. It’s no wonder that riders like Jamie Lynn and Temple Cummins come from there!

This place is so amazing because all the terrain you could possibly search for is right off the chair lift. Joanna had some hoots and hollers from some boys cheering her for hitting a small cliff. Good vibes all round, so sick. We didn’t want to leave this winter wonderland, but on our last run we all got stuck on chair 1 for about 45 minutes. They almost did a chair evac, which would have been interesting to say the least … but instead the chair miraculously started again and we all got off safe and sound. The maintenance boys were super nice, they loaded our cold little hands with free hot chocolates for the ride down.

Big ups to Mt. Baker this weekend. I can’t wait to go back. Check out the rest of the pics!