This is a super fun trick. Before you go for it, lock down good, solid nosepresses first. Learn 50-50s with a backside 180 out to get the feel, too. Try them out on boxes or tables before taking the trick to a handrail.

1. Ride toward the rail nice and low, with knees bent, ready to spring into action.

2. The ollie is key. Don’t boost the ollie a foot above the rail or you’ll land in a sagging press. Climb into the press by bringing your nose just over the rail-as the nose makes contact, your back leg is still rising up from the ollie.

3. Your back leg and tail are above the handrail now-never let them touch the rail. Keep all your weight past the front foot and over the nose of your board. I like to keep my presses directly over the rail.

4. Hold that press. Remember, if you tap or put heavy sag into the press, it doesn’t count. When you see the end of the handrail approaching, begin to turn your shoulders and head backside.

5. Nollie off the end while spinning the rest of your body backside 180-your body will follow where your head and shoulders are turned.

6. You’ve already turned your head, so simply spot the landing and stomp the trick clean-nice one!