A backside alley-oop 360 is a pretty easy trick to spin. But if you want to perform it with good air and travel far down the pipe, it becomes quite hard. You should know how to do basic backside alley-oops before trying this trick.

1. Backside alley-oop 360 means that you’ll be using the frontside wall. Approach the frontside wall with as much control as possible.

2. Use your toe edge (not too much) going up the transition to control your board before you start to spin. Approach the lip at an angle-otherwise you’ll land in the flatbottom. Basically, try to hit the wall like you’re doing an air to fake.

3. Now that you’re leaving the lip, begin looking over your trailing shoulder. Don’t start spinning until you’re totally in the air. When you’re carrying lots of speed, spin slowly so as not to overrotate.

4. Once you’re airborne grab the board Indy, nose, mute, lien, or whatever is the most comfortable. For me, it’s an Indy or nosegrab. Hold the grab as long as possible.

5. When you’ve spun between 180 and 270 degrees, get ready to land. You can try to eye the landing, but it’s very hard to see in this trick. In any case, don’t look down too much. Just try to find the upper part of the wall to land on.

Well, if you understood anything of this, I’m happy. I hope you’ll learn this one. It’s one of the coolest tricks in the pipe.