Mountain High Pre-Season Session

Action Dad

Good Ol' Mountain High! A Jib Mecca just 1 hour & change from the heart of Los Angeles. And can you believe it, they've got a bit of snow up there. We went up this morning and met  with pro team rider Cory Cronk  and a few other heads to session this patch of white goodness. Man, we're starving down here … so we rallied. The local town of Wrightwood, CA was evacuated for four days last week due to wildfires, and the snowmaking crew from Mountain High still managed to get the guns up and blowing. This week's warm-up foiled the plan for an early opening—but these guys are quick, when the temps drop, the guns go on. The forecast isn't looking too good for snowmaking until maybe next week, but these guys are definitely as eager to get the mountain going as you are to go riding. If you live in SoCal, keep your eyes peeled to for updates on opening day—get ready, it's coming.