Shaun White took the lead from Steve Fisher on his last run to take the Dew trophy tonight, and in doing so finds himself atop the overall Dew Tour rankings. Kelly Clark put an exclamation point at the end of her homecoming weekend by taking first on the women's side, edging out fellow Vermonter Hannah Teter.

The Mount Snow park crew spent all morning digging out the pipe after we received about a half foot of snow overnight, re-cutting the pipe and getting it all nice for the nationally televised final. Kevin Pearce sparked the men's session with an awesome first run, starting with a lofty frontside 9 into a McTwist with a tweak that Terje would be proud of. Later down the pipe Kevin threw a nice frontside 10 tail that really psyched the crowd, ending with a huge frontside air at the bottom of the pipe that made me chuckle in awe. Unfortunately, Kevin's time on top was short lived. No sooner than you could mutter "Mister Extremo" (or whatever the hell the Dew Tour's mascot is called), Steve Fisher came spinning down the pipe to snatch the lead. Linking up large 7's, 9's, and 10's all the way down the pipe, Fisher's first run score had him sitting on top of the leader board almost all night, but in the end it was White who took the cheese, literally. Podiums all weekend received wheels of cheese. What else would you give away in Vermont? Shaun got off to a slow start, scoring a 58.50 on his first run after washing out on his last hit. But with his fan club behind him, Shaun came out swinging on his second run. An alley oop backside rodeo to start things off made way for a plethora of big spins, ending with a switch alley oop backside rodeo on his last hit.

New England monopolized the podium for the ladies, with 17-year-old Connecticut native Ellery Hollingsworth taking third place honors. A clean skate style backside air started things off, and she ended with a seemingly effortless backside 7 on her heelside wall after floating a few 5's through the middle section of the pipe. With the last run of the final, Hannah Teter linked up back-to-back 5's with back-to-back 7's, but it just wasn't enough to match the amplitude and power of Kelly Clark. She went huge each hit, showcasing a perfect frontside 7 that was higher than just about everyone else's straight airs. Kelly was definitely a fan favorite this weekend and took full advantage of the home cooking and overall welcome she received at her home mountain. With the win tonight, Kelly is on top of the overall Dew Tour standings, ahead of Hannah Teter by 25 points. We'll see if things are shaken up at the next and final stop of the tour when it travels to Northstar-at-Tahoe, California.

Men's Final Results:

1. Shaun White

2. Steve Fisher

3. Kevin Pearce

4. Danny Davis

5. Mason Aguirre

6. Scotty Lago

7. Matt Ladley

8. Charles Reid

9. Dylan Bidez

10. Elijah Teter

11. Greg Bretz

12. Luke Mitrani

Women's Final Results:

1. Kelly Clark

2. Hannah Teter

3. Ellery Hollingsworth

4. Kjersti Østgaard Buaas

5. Charmaine Ironside

6. Kaitlyn Farrington