Michelot Wins WCI Rail Jam

The crowd assembled last night in the heart of Mammoth’s Village, at the foot of the Canyon Gondola, for the third annual West Coast Invitational Rail Jam. The setup was a far cry from years past, featuring a down flat down scaffolding setup with a tri-level box up top which led into either a kinked rail or a down rail. The third stage of the course was a big wallride at the bottom. It was more of a mini-slopestyle than a mere rail jam as the event was touted.

Burlington, Vermont’s Yale Cousino was riding really smooth on the rails with 270 variations, and even smoother on the wallride, spinning like a top, and landing bolts. New Hampshire buzzard, Chas Guldemond was going for it as well. Chas laid down the only gap-to on the downrail with a front 50-50, and that gap was no joke. Chas also had a sick back 50-50 stall on the wallride to 450 out. Young Tyler Flannigan was lapping the course like a madman, also stunting properly. Zach Leach was riding really well; The Kid, a.ka. Travis Kennedy had a proper front board to fakie through the kink; and Scott Vine had the crowd in an uproar with various backflips off the wallride and spin combo’s on the rail.

When it came down to the come down, Minnesota’s Jonas Michelot, a.k.a Sangia from American Idol, locked it up with choice moves on the wallride, and even choicer moves on the rails. Right out of the gates, Jonasty had a noseslide-roast beef on the down rail, followed up later with the clinching frontboard 180 on the kink to boardslide. Once the one-hour jam session came to a close, the riders deliberated and collectively decided that Michelot deserved the win; and with that the $10,000 in cold hard cash.