MDP 2006—The Crew Is Assembled … And Podcasting

A new season is on the horizon and with it, new technology. Now you don’t have to wait until September to find out what the Mack Dawg crew has been up to … or who exactly the Mack Dawg crew is. Brad Kremer of MDP spent his Thanksgiving holiday updating the Web site, posting podcasts, and completing the list of confirmed riders for the next big yet-unnamed shred flick. There’re some new faces like Darrell, Eddie, and Iikka movin’ up to the big leagues. We’ll share the list with you here, but if you want more shred action delivered straight to your computer you’ll have to double click to www. Check out interviews from the June Mountain hip session and bonus footage from Finland.

Make sure you’ve got the newest version of iTunes and Quicktime so you can download the video podcasts and start following the Mack Dawg crew all season long. Hallelujah.

2006/07 Crew:
Jeremy Jones
Aaron Biittner
Eero Ettala
Josh Dirksen
Louie Fountain
Heikki Sorsa
Jussi Oksanen
Scotty Arnold
Filippo Kratter
Darrel Mathes
Iikka Backstrom
Jakob Wilhelmson
Hampus Mosesson
Andreas Wiig
Eddie Wall