One story about you going to a bar in Vermont and drumming with the live band:

1. We (Rome) did a Vermont road trip and ended up in this place called Mt. Gomeri. It’s a pretty deserted place, but the day we rolled in it happened to be some kind of college fun weekend or something. We were staying in the second floor of the local bar, so we ended up partying pretty hard. To make a long story short, they had an open mic night at the bar and I ended up behind the drum set because I used to play drums in a death metal band when I was a kid back home in Norway. Runke and the Rome filmers got it all on tape: drunken, drumming, and I ended up falling of the drum chair after a huge solo.

Two things you bought recently:

1. 6,000-gallon backyard pool.
2. Inflatable killer shark! Don’t poach my pool, you might get eaten!

Three favorite places to snowboard:

1. Whistler backcountry.
2. Park City, SLC.
3. The backyard mini-shred park at my parents’ place in Sarpsborg, Norway.

Four favorite places to not snowboard:

1. My new pool in my backyard in Salt Lake City.
2. Bali, Indonesia. Been going there for the past three years for surfing. Best place to surf by far. Going there again this August!
3. Oslo when I go clubbing.
4. Cape Town, South Africa. Went there some years ago for an “on the beach” snowboard competition. The comp sucked, but the place was amazing!

Five greatest death metal bands of all time:

1. Satyricon—the lead singer is a friend of mine. We work out at the same training center in Oslo, Norway.
2. Dimmu Borgir.
3. Carcass.
4. Darkthrone.
5. My old band from 1995, In Mortal Pain. I played the drums. It was some heavy shit! My mom was stoked when we moved out of my basement to a new rehearsal place.

Six English words you still don’t really understand:

1. My English understanding is getting pretty good, but I still have a hard time saying the letter V. My girlfriend’s parents make fun of me for that, but my girlfriend thinks it’s cute, so I’m just going keep on doing it.
2. Corrosion—Rome has this slogan, “Corrosion of the Corporate”. Have no idea what that means.
3. Your whole measurement system: inches, feet, cups, Fahrenheit, and so-on doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
4. Speeding-ticket—I keep getting them, but I don’t understand the word.
5. Magnanimity—they keep saying I have it, but I don’t feel sick at all.
6. Vertiginous—I can’t even say it.

Seven things you hate:

1. Airport People—people that you meet for the first time and they cant stop talking about themselves. I call them airport people, cause you usually meet them at the airport, but they occur other places too.
2. Rain when it is supposed to be summer and warm, or when it’s supposed to be winter and cold.
3. Packing.
4. Cleaning.
5. Taping and house painting (but I get really stoked when I have gotten it done).
6. Flying.
7. Talking about religion.

Eight things you love:

1. My Girlfriend.
2. Family and Friends.
3. Summer when it’s warm and nice, or winter when it’s cold and snowy.
4. Wine and cold beer.
5. Not stressing.
6. Norwegian milk chocolate.
7. Watching people work.
8. City life.

Nine things to take with you to a deserted island:

1. Tweezers, ’cause if I got a tree spike in my finger or if I stepped on a sea urchin I cold get it out.
2. A generator and a thousand gallons of gasoline.
3. My laptop with a wireless internet connection.
4. A flat screen and X-box 360 and Guitar Hero.
5. A house.
6. Sunscreen.
7. A gun and lots of ammo.
8. A surfboard.
9. A Hilton hotel.

Ten reasons the Rome movie will be the best movie of the year:

1. Killer team.
2. Killer filmers.
3. Best products out there.
4. Best behind-the-scenes people.
5. A lot of good attitude towards the project from the start.
6. A lot of beer allong the way.
7. Killer team.
8. Killer team.
9. Killer team.
10. Killer team.