Mammoth’s WCI Rail Jam Tonight

After a lengthy but luxurious ride via the 395 aboard the wicked big Quiksilver bus loaded with TVs, beer, and best of all Guitar Hero 2; our crew arrived at Mammoth’s Village late Thursday night in anticipation of the 2007 West Coast Invitational. To our surprise we were not greeted with the expected warm spring conditions; no it was mad wintery. It wasn’t dumping, but a few inches had accumulated and the cold was biting--it was awesome. Possibly a bit to awesome, as it snowed through the night and into the next day postponing the Fiesta de la Pipa halfpipe event until tomorrow (Sunday, May 6). But good things come to those who wait, and the jib-laden pipe is ready to roll come Sunday.

Myself, Joe Face, JJ Johnson and Todd Richards made our merry way to the hill under snowy skies, and proceeded to get ill over the course of the next hour or two. Ripping around in the new snow, and more or less tearing the mountain apart run by run. It’s cleared up now, and the WCI Rail Jam course is under heavy construction. In celebration of Cinco de Drinko, the rail jam is popping off tonight, and the course is shaping up to be the best ever. It’s about twice as long as the scaffolding set-ups traditionally are, and will also sport a hefty wallride at the bottom of the course. All the heavy hitters will be out to take home the W, and Gang Starr is playing the afterparty so check back to and we’ll keep you in the loop.