Mammoth Fashion Report

Storms that’ve spent autumn brewing over the North Pole finally let loose their sweet white fury on the central Sierras. Mammoth is open–with powder to boot. And as the Zaugg machine puts the final touches on the superpipe, snowboarders all over Mammoth Lakes are finishing off their new uniforms for the season. TransWorld headed to snowboarding’s hottest hotspot recently to peep the year’s latest fashion trends, and here’s what we found out.

Neckties as belts. Stolen from the pants of Tony Trujillo? Who knows. But we definitely busted Nate Bozung and the snowboard personality known as The Dingo rocking the exact same necktie belt contraption. How many people does it take to make a trend again?

According to freestyle kingpin Todd Richards: Pant sag is out, well-fitting is in, “So that people can tell how big your stance is.” Also, he reports with confidence that Spy goggles and Quiksilver outerwear are in. Go figure.

Preppy is in! Check out the pic of TransWorld’s Annie Fast with shred-boarder Darrell Mathes. These two did not call each other first to coordinate their argyle/scarf combo … seriously.

Photographer Tim Zimmerman predicts: Bondage gear will be the next big trend in snowboarding. Watch out in upcoming seasons for waterproof breathable leather masks with zippers.

Vampy high heels are showing up on the feet of mountain-town girls everywhere. These red spikes worn by Lamar rider Tricia Byrnes are a particularly difficult-to-walk-in set–especially on the snow and ice. The twisted-ankle-avoidance tech is reportedly to act or actually be drunk enough to be supported under each arm by the handsome flunky of your choice.

Always the fashion icon, Ride hellion Shane Flood is rocking all white snowboard outfits, tight women’s jeans off hill, and a G-string instead of boxers (he showed this to us several times but refused to pose for a photo–sorry).

Multiple-participant headwear. Hangin’ out drinking with friends is no longer enough. Shotgunning from the same headgear setup is where it’s at. This one worn by Eddie Wall is called the crab. They?re easy to make, just don’t blame us if you come out of it with a cold sore.

Doll head danglers. What, you didn’t know? Loose that bandana, grab your little sister’s prize possession, and go to work. It’s waterproof, windproof, and completely random.