Mammoth Blizzard Finally Over: POW Time

Mammoth got wailed. Multiple storms stacked up and dumped—nuked, puked! Estimates range between 4 and 5 feet of fresh snow fell in the last week. And today was just one of those days. The rare, powdery, bluesky kind of day that just makes your winter—a random magic Wednesday in February. Of course it's rare for conditions line up like this: Many feet of fresh, dry powder dumps down on the Sierras for a couple days, then, the winds die to nothing, the clouds break and the morning dawns bluebird blue.   

It was such a day here at Mammoth Mountain, California. Golden, righteous—I could ramble on about the overhead powder plumes and waist deep trees, but if you weren't there, it doesn't quite matter. Does it? Here's a few pics and here's to February—a great time for riding some powder with your pals. Mammoth is prime right now. Check for yourself, right here.