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Last year in the Erik Lienes interview, he talked about a snowboard coach his parents got for him. My riding is progressing really fast, and I’m teaching myself. I would take a freestyle lesson from my local mountain but I used to work there and totally school the instructors. I need info on where to get a good coach.
SteveVia e-mailDear Steve, As far as getting a coach in your area, you’ll have to do some research. First of all, are there any retired pros around that you might see on the mountain or at your local shop? If so, offer to pay them to help take your riding to the next level. If that doesn’t work, a really good place to learn is Mt. Hood, Oregon. At the summer camps, you’ll find all the best terrain features and coaches to really improve your skills. So, keep on shreddin’ in the free world, and get some sick tricks! Thanks, and good luck.
-The MuleGhetto Fabulous I’m a crazy kid from Ohio who is poorer than dirt and loves to snowboard. I own a 25-dollar board I bought at Kmart. I wax it with Mom’s old candles and try to fix the pair of broken bindings with belts. So, if people think they have it bad, they should check out my house, board, or anything I own.
Gary Kijanka
Steubenville, Ohio
Gary,Boo hoo-maybe you should go get a job at Kmart. I had a paper route and it sucked ass, but I wasn’t slidin’ around on candle wax.-Cody Extra-Curricular
Your mag rocks! It has become the only thing I read these days, and I’m writing this in math class. I really liked the article on Gigi Rà...f-he’s one of my favorite riders. His backside 540 and switch backside 180 are gnarly! Where can I get information on High Cascade Snowboard Camp? You guys rule.
Toby Sytsma
Tualatin, Oregon
Toby,I take comfort in the fact that you appreciate the switch backside 180 or frontside half-Cab. Whatever you call it-it’s one of the tightest moves. And I thought the youth only cared about sevens and nines! Boot up the Plan
I’m fifteen years old, and I think Matt Hammer and Keir Dillon are so hot. I know they’re a little old for me, but they’re the hottest guys ever-except for Paul Walker from The Fast And The Furious. I’ll send pictures if you’ll hook me up! This is my first year trying to snowboard. I don’t know if guys like girls who snowboard, but I just try to board the best I can. It sucks because I’m not going to be pro for another four years. I’m a slow learner. Ali Goulet’s Audi Quattro in the September issue is an awesome, off the hook, phat car! Marc Frank’s Cadillac Brougham is a phat lowrider, too. You guys should put a rice burner or an S-10 truck in the mag. Well, got to go, and keep up the good work,Julie Vorrachit
Kelso, Washington
Yo Julie, No doubt! I’d feature a hooked-up Honda, but I don’t know any snowboarders with ’em. Dates? Doubtful-older guys have learned from R. Kelly’s mistakes.-Cody Invisible Man
I was reading last April’s issue, and the Pro Pick on page 94 shows Scotty Wittlake and Micah McGinnity grinding rails in Buffalo, New York. I’m from Buffalo, and I’m wondering where they are-can you tell me?Matt DuffyLewiston, New York
Sorry Matt, no one seems quite sure where the rails are. They just slid ’em and cut. Not to split hairs-but the Pro Pick showcases J2 performing a 50-50 down a Buffalo rail. Scotty and Micah are just standing in the background. Give Twos his dues.-CodyMini-Bikin’
First, your mag rocks and entertains me well! But what sucks is I’m the best eleven-year-old snowboarder around and I don’t know of any sponsors in the Ohio area. Do you know any?Mike Libby
Northfield, Ohio
P.S. Cody, don’t give me any crap if you put me in the magazine.
Chill out, hot rod. Who needs a sponsor at age eleven? Have you ever won a contest-or entered one? Pump those brakes, little buddy-if you’re really “all that,” get a camera and gather some video footage. Send out a sponsor-me tape to all the companies youu like.-Cody Free Firty Free
I’m a fourteen-year-old girl, and I’ve been boarding for five years now. I’ve lived in Reno, Nevada my whole life. I’d like to get in contact with some of the pros to get free stuff. All of the girl pros inspire me to go big, but I love Mikey LeBlanc and Joel Mahaffey.Please help me find a way to write the pros.Thanks,Rachel Miller
Reno, Nevada
Mahaffey lives in Reno-I guess you could stalk him for stickers. Mike’s a little out of your range over in Salt Lake.-CodyChanges I just watched Snowboarders In Exile. It’s my dad’s movie and I hadn’t seen it in a while-it kicks ass! Back then, guys were really trying to be different, but nowadays everyone is the same. People are afraid to be different ’cause they don’t want to be rejected. Well, what happened to snowboarders at first? We were kicked out of resorts and forced to ride backcountry. I’m just urging riders to get creative-boarding is like art, you have to keep it fresh.Andy LongBoxford, Massachusetts Andy,Snowboarders In Exile rocks-Damian Sanders represent. Let’s brush up on our history shall we? The order is reversed. Snowboarders weren’t allowed at resorts so they had to hike. As far as diversity-we have pipe jocks, kicker kids, freeriders, and the older guys you see in hard boots as well. Hesh, hip-hop, punk rock, emo … the CAPiTA crew rockin’ hand-painted denim. Lots of kids are doing their own thing. Damian’s doing his own thing as well-he’s a big club promoter in California rollin’ a Benzo and making loot.-CodyProfilerI love your mag, and I buy nearly every one. Issue Six had some killer interviews with Shaun White, Danny Kass, and Nate Bozung. Nate Bozung deserves more attention-he’s a really great rider. Keep it up,Mark JudeMaple Lake, MinnessotaI’m sure Nate will appreciate the support, Mark. Buy a subscription, kid, it’s way less expensive. Also check us out online:’m writing to inform you about how great your magazine is. I live in Maryland, and we’re lucky if a blizzard rolls around every five years. Seven inches of snow is a blessing. School is out if we get an inch of the stuff-it’s that rare. I’m out pulling crazy 360s and nosegrabs with only an inch of snow on the ground from the inspiration your magazine gives me.Sincerely,Rob HuffDunkirk, MarylandCrazy? How about a 360 Crossrocket or Lein dracula?.-CodyCan’t go a month without getting’ it?