Mail 16.1

Celebrity StalkerHello there,I feel women don’t get enough attention in snowboarding. And why the hell hasn’t Forum put a woman on their team? I am currently incarcerated in a Utah youth program. I have opened my eyes since getting into trouble, and am offended when people discriminate against women.Jeremiah HamiltonUtahP.S. What happened to Tina Basich? The last time I called her house the phone was disconnected. Did she move? I’d also like an address to send letters to Tara Dakides and Kim Bohnsack.

Jeremiah, You broke the restraining order one too many times, right?-Cody

Sensitive In So CalTransWorld SNOW,I’m writing to express my support for the Launch section in Volume Fifteen, Issue Five. Andy Blumberg speaks of the sad state the snowboard scene is in. I was recently at my local mountain Snow Summit, and there were a lot of pros at the resort for the Team Challenge. I left disappointed by the treatment I received throughout the day. Cut off and laughed at, clowned, and left to ride the lift alone by those who wouldn’t ride with just anybody. It seems it’s no longer about riding, but how tight your button-up looks with your bandana hanging off your tattered jeans. I’ve been riding for six years and have never felt such dismay. Next time you’re at Summit, I’ll be the ordinary guy in not-so-dope gear with my arm out and my middle finger held high-keepin’ it real.Not so cool,So Cal

Keep in mind that you go to Summit, the vibiest resort out there-go to Montana and I’m sure a lot of people would like to share the lift with another snowboarder. Our sport has outgrown the days when simply being snowboarders brought us all together. It’s unfortunate.-Cody

Blinker Fluid TWSB,I know you guys are a snowboarding mag, but after reading Dumped And Kitted(tm) I decided it couldn’t hurt to ask. What car do you see an adventure-seeking female driving? I would have a guy friend car shop with me, but they take it as a serious request and it scares them. I want to trade my ’95 Honda Civic in for something with more horsepower and character. I do a lot of driving-I live in Ohio and have friends in Utah and NYC, while my family lives in Canada. I drive in every kind of weather, and often I drag a couple friends with me-I also have a dog, so I need cargo space. I’m looking to spend 25 to 30 thousand, and I want something with power that’s sturdy. I don’t want a monster truck. but I don’t like the looks of a Jeep Liberty. I can’t decide between an SUV and a sedan. What do you recommend for me? Sincerely,Stephanie PhillbertOhio

Steph, The Subaru WRX wagon is all-wheel drive and turbo charged. It’s not the prettiest ride, but it’s a great car and it hauls ass. It’s in your price range-check it! If you want the pro-snowboarder, industry-player whip, you’ll need to spend more for an Audi A4 Quattro in silver-everybody has one. The new body style just arrived and you can find a slightly used 2000/2001, no problem.-Cody

Golden ShowerTransWorld,In twelve years of reading your mag I’ve never wanted to write in until I was going over issue 15.6. There was Kevin Jones, relieving himself on an ESPN banner. It’s by far the sickest thing anyone’s ever thrown down at the X-Games. Thank you Kevin, and TWSB-for reminding us that snowboarding is fun and funny.Cory EdwardsBend, Oregon

Decadent Down Under If it weren’t for your magazine, my summer would have been crap-at least I got a tan. Last season I spent my first year at Mt. Ruapehu on the North Island and had so much fun. I met people from all around the world who came to quiet Ohakyne for boarding and partying. You’re finished with the mags now, and I’m anticipating another great magazine season soon. I really liked the “DC Decadence” story-it was sweet.Dan ButlerWellington, New Zealand

Dan,I spent a lonely month in NZ-did you like the riding, or the little Mormon girls, huh, buddy?-Cody

Dormitory Or Purgatory?Dear TransWorld SNOWboardingg,I’ve got a choice that will affect the rest of my life-which college to go to. I’ve narrowed it down to the University of Oklahoma or Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Both schools cost about the same: If I go to Oklahoma I’ll get the big college-freshman experience, the college has a great reputation and I’d probably meet more contacts there. On the other hand, there’s no snowboarding, and I don’t know if I can handle that. Fort Lewis is minutes away from my favorite resort, Purgatory. I could ride every day. But the college is very small and isn’t reputable for anything-the guy-to-girl ratio isn’t in my favor, either. Should I plan for the future or live it up right now?Sincerely,Drew ThompsonFort Worth, Texas

You mean Fort Loser! Just jokin’-if you’re motivated you can get an education anywhere. I know how much you Texans love Purgatory, but you better go to Oklahoma and do the right thing-plus, you can work the ratio. You still have Christmas and spring break to get some days in-if you’re serious, go to summer camp in Oregon or Canada.-Cody

White DevilHow is a kid so young so damn good? No kid should have that much skill, and until issue 15.8 I was baffled by young Shaun White’s talent. If you look closely at the cloud of snow right under the N in TransWorld and just behind the tail of Shaun’s board, you can make out a face. I believe it’s the face of Satan. I’m certain that Shaun has sold his soul and is riding for Lucifer. How else does a fifteen-year-old kid win the Vans Triple Crown? By the way, my very first board was your Cody’s Silence pro model. It was a great board, and I dropped my first cliff and hit my first kickers on it. Is there anyway you can send me anything free? I’m in college and so very poor-I’d drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour for a pair of snowboard pants that were waterproof. BrandonFairbanks, Alaska

You may be on to something-you should see the little guy skate. Oh, the blatant suck-up almost earned you a pair of pants-but they aren’t waterproof, none of them are.-Cody

Game on! Stephanie Phillbert of Ohio gets the girls complete hookup this issue thanks to: Chorus, Salomon, Vans, Betty, Sessions, and Da Kine. Cory Edwards by way of Oregon gets a guy’s, uh, package from: Salomon, Drake, Apex , O’Neill, Sessions, and DEFCON .