Are hundreds of glossy pages still not enough snowboarding to stop the shakes and nail-biting of a long summer? Until there’s a patch or Jenny Craig goes after the “youth market, get your fix here on It’s like a new issue in your mailbox every day, only better for the environment.

September Features:

Take a ride inside the mind of twelve-year-old Luke Mitrani. It’s Luke’s home video, produced and edited by the Vermont mini-shred himself. See the house where he grew up, meet his family and friends, and find out why girls twice his age keep calling TransWorld to get the 80-pounder’s phone number.

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Shannon Elizabeth. The shot we couldn’t show you in the mag has found a home on the Web—where you usually go for photos anyway. She may not ride like JP, but there are some other things to like about her. This is exactly the kind of photo we promised, but we had some legal problems with the ones we wanted to show you. Don’t ask.

Originally published in TransWorld’s February 1992 issue (page 72), “Keys To Reality written by pioneer shred Ken Achenbach was a favorite of Craig Kelly’s. It’s back this month, and it’s as relevant as ever.

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All kinds of craziness goes down at the DC Mountain Lab and now we’re bringing you a live tour with the man behind DC, Ken Block. This is one little mountain chalet we’d all love to hang out at.

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