Live Interview With LNP—Win An Artifact 1985

Rome SDS Ask The Rider – Live Interview With LNP – Win An Artifact 1985

Most people who have watched an LNP shred part have thought, "How the hell did he do that?", or "Where is that handrail?", or maybe even "I lent that guy $10 once, am I ever going to see that cash again?" Well, now is your chance to find out the answers, by throwing out questions to Rome team rider LNP and getting answers almost immediately during a live Twitter session.

Fresh off another year of filming (this time for Videograss), and currently gearing up in Whistler for his "Send It with Session" at Camp of Champions, Rome SDS Pro Laurent-Nicolas Paquin will be on Twitter to answer all of your questions in real time this Friday, July 10th, from 3 pm to 5 pm Eastern Time (see time zone list below).  You ask a question, he answers it.

Then Rome will pick a winner at random and hook them up with one of LNP's favorite boards—the Artifact 1985.

Here's how it will work:
1.    Log on to Twitter at the designated time (July 10 3-5pm est)
2.    Submit your question in the "What Are You Doing?" box
3.    End your question with a #Rometeam
4.    LNP will fire back his answers to your questions

What's his favorite place to jib? What music is he listening to? What skate deck is he skating? How's he spending his summer? Does he ever wash his hair? The questions are all up to you.

In addition, Rome SDS will be picking a question at random that has the #Rometeam "hashtag" in it, and hooking that lucky rider up with a brand new 2010 Artifact 1985 with Poprock technology, LNP's new board of choice for jibbing.

So call in sick if need be, skip school, log in from your iPhone, or do whatever you need to do and get on a computer at:

3-5pm Eastern
2-4pm Central
1-3pm Mountain
12-2pm Pacific

Stay tuned to and for more updates on the happenings of the Rome SDS.