Live From Mt. Hood: The Cobra Dogs Phenomenon

Government Camp has always been the little summer-camp metropolis at the base of Mt. Hood. It’s always had the same restaurants (Huck’s, Charlie’s, The Rat), it’s had the same old A-frame houses, the same camp vans hauling kids back and forth from the mountain, the same streets lined with tall, creaky trees, even the same damn smell. But just when you thought nothing ever changed in good ol’ Govie—bam! Cobra Dogs hits.

Now, seeing as our finger is always right there on the pulse of everything important and meaningful in snowboarding, we put our magazine work aside and got right on the horn with C-Dogs’ Co-Founder Cory Grove in order to get to the bottom of this new summer-shred sensation. If you’re planning a trip to Hood this year, get ready to justify hotdogs for breakfast. Hey, let’s face it—they might not be good for the arteries, but they’re good for the soul.

Sherowski: What’s yer position at said establishment?

Grove: Top dog, Cobra commander, wiener guy—it’s a long list, really.

You founded the hotdog stand with Airblaster’s Jesse Grandkoski. How did the whole thing come about?

We’ve both had been thinking about it for while—even before we knew each other. One day, we were on a road trip together and got some sucky corn dogs at a gas station. That’s when the magic happened—the next weekend I called Jesse and told him I was looking at a sweet concession trailer, and if he didn’t come stop me, I was buying it.

Why does Government Camp need Cobra Dogs?

Well, do you really need to ask that? Ever been to Huck’s? It’s like 800 dollars for a side of ketchup. Govy needed cheap food and some fun.

Who was your first customer?

Haha, oh man—that’s when I knew this was my thing and that Cobra Dogs was meant to be. Our first customer just happened to be Ryan Runke (the fast-livin’, excess-enjoyin’ K2 Team Manager). I couldn’t ask for a better dollar to hang on the wall.

Do you have any sponsored riders? I saw Janna Meyen wearing a Cobra Dogs hat.

Oh heck yes, Danny Kass, Travis Parker, Jed Anderson, The Dingo—so many, it’s crazy. Danny worked the stand while I went for a Volcano Cone once. He made five dollars in tips.

Who’s been your most famous customer?

Famous? Hmmmmm. I would have to say Danny, for sure. He was throwing down, like, three a day. I thought Celine Dion ordered one once, but someone said it wasn’t her. It so was. Anyway, yeah—Danny and Celine.

Any future plans for Cobra Dogs? World domination?

Well, I plan on getting a big bad mobile unit with all the stuff—totally self-contained, so I can take it anywhere. A few people asked about catering contests in the winter, so I think I’ll go that way with it. I’m looking in to somehow making it snowcat tow-able so I can take Cobra Dogs on the hill. You know—put some snowboards on the tires or something.

Okay, last question—what’s in the “Cobra Sauce”?

As if, Sherowski. I can’t tell you. If I were going to tell anyone, it would be you, though. I can say, however, that there’s real cobra venom in there.