LIVE CHAT: With Tyler Lepore

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Chat LIVE with Morrow Pro Tyler Lepore on Thursday November 16 at 4 PM PST (7 PM East Coast) and you could win cool prizes from Morrow, Planet Earth Outerwear, Oakley, 32, and Full Spectrum Magazine.

Tyler Lepore has been riding for Morrow since before he hit puberty. He grew up snowboarding in Incline Village, NV in Tahoe and moved to Vancouver, Canadalast season (he’s got dual citizenship).

When he’s not snowboarding, Tyler and his friend Mike Swaney put together a graffiti zine “Full Spectrum.” They probably meant it to be more then an annual thing, but with Ty’s busy snowboard schedule it’s hard.

Chat with him on Thursday, and if you’re in Southern California you can check him out throwing up some art for the new Active Ride Shop inIrvine on Friday, December 17th at 3:30. Call Active at 949-955-1058 formore details.

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Worldwide Tyler Lepore Pro Chat Times Are Listed Below:

North America West Coast
4:00 PM Thurs Nov 16 2000

North America East Coast
7:00 PM Thurs Nov 16 2000

00:00:00 Fri Nov 17

01:00:00 Fri Nov 17

South Africa
02:00:00 Fri Nov 17 2000 in Africa/Johannesburg

Singapore/Hong Kong
08:00:00 Fri Nov 17 2000 in Singapore

09:00:00 Fri Nov 17 2000 in Asia/Tokyo

11:00:00 Fri Nov 17 2000

New Zealand
13:00:00 Fri Nov 17 2000 in Pacific/Auckland

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