What music have you been listening to lately? Does anyone care? Post a music video on our website and see what people say. I went and asked a couple Professional Superheroes of Shred what they've been rocking and thought I'd share it with you all. I mean, I gotta do something in this dead zone between summer and opening day. I also snagged some clips off U-toob to make it into a show and tell. Get stoked, nerds!

Gigi Rüf goes for the cool sounds, like Guru.


Eddie Wall has been listening to nothing but Bob Dylan all summer.


Scotty Lago's Frend's turned him into a Led Zeppelin fan.


Old, new, Shaun White likes a lot of different stuff, like T-Rex for instance.


Louie Vito is down with Shawty Putt, that must be how he ended up in this video along with Danny Kass.


Laura Hadar saw We Are Wolves last night, she said they are "pretty awesome."


Andreas Wiig's listens to girlfriend Marion Raven.