Lipscomb and Crawford win BEO Halfpipe

Sunday, January 28, 2007--The 2007 BEO halfpipe competition is over- and has put new talent on the map! Australia and Canada take home the titles. The young Australian Holly Crawford and the Canadian Crispin Lipscomb were the woman respectively the man to beat on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Holly impressed with superstylish Frontside 540 Stalefish Grabs on the first hit, followed by a nice Japan Air, Stalefish Grab, Backside Five , a Frontside Seven and a Cab Five. Yeah mate I ‘d say, and it does get better. Holly was riding the final with a broken rib, and still ripping. Leaving competitiors such as Lisa Wiik, Sarah Conrad or Ellery Hollingsworth no chance on the title. Her riding on this day was just to big, to powerful and to stylish.

The mens’ final was a nerv wrecker. As the judging was only counting the best of three runs, every drop-in had the potential to be the run of the day and competitors were taking advantage of it. In the end it were the Canadian Crispin Lipscomb and the Suisse Russian Iouri Podlatchikov who were battling for the 10 000 USD prize money, the TTR points and all the glory coming with a first place at the European Open.

During his 3rd and final run Iouri showed a super nice Frontside Nine Stalefish Grab on the first hit, followed by a Backside Nine Mute, a Frontside Seven, a Cab Seven and an Alley Oop Rodeo. Spectators were sure that he had secured himself the top spot, but judges insisted that Crispin’s 2nd run was the better of the two, leaving Crispin who was still to come with the security that no matter what, he already had left his footprints in European snowboarding and his last run was just the icing on the cake.

Let me tell you that: he truly iced that cake. By the time he had finished his 3rd run spectators had pretty much the same feeling as they had a couple of years ago when Andy Finch first stepped on the scene. Crispin had shown a mad, 4 ½ m Inverted Frontside Ten on the first hit, followed by a Haakenflip, a Frontside Nine, a Backside Nine and a 3 meter Backside Alley Oop 360 Mute on the last hit. Sending him straight from the goal area of the perfectly groomed super-pipe, to the top spot of the podium in the prize giving area.

And that was it! Spectators were taking over the park, riders leaving for the price giving and the whole Media Crew was thankful, that the event management had postponed the finals on Sunday, the first day of beautiful sun and snow that Europe had seen during this years lousy winter. What a day!

Final Results


1. Crispin Lipscomb, CAN
2. Iouri Podladtchikov, RUS
3. Janne Korpi, FIN
4. Peetu Piiroinen, FIN
5. Markus Malin, FIN


1. Holly Crawford, AUS
2. Sarah Conrad, CAN
3. Ellery Hollingsworth, USA
4. Juliane Bray, NZE
5. Meri Peltonen, FIN