The diligent ramp crew at Windells Snowboard and Skate camp has been very busy the last few weeks. And between the expansive new skate facilities, and with a 134-inch base at Mt. Hood, it’s shaping up to be the best summer ever to go to snowboard camp.

I got the chance to go up and check out the new skate stuff—the snow won’t start being pushed for about another week—the diggers arrive around May 26th. But so far Windells’ base camp facilities are looking more and more like the “funnest place on earth.

First off the brand new, professionally built park in the barn out back a.k.a. BOB, is going to put a smile on the face of rain days forever. When it rains at snowboard camp, the mountain is generally submerged in thick clouds, which makes working on your backside 9s in the pipe kind of difficult. But now instead of trips to the Lloyd Center in Portland, or PG13 movies, there is an epic indoor skate spot right at the camp. The ramps inside BOB we’re assembled by Four Down, Inc. and include a 75-foot mini ramp with four and six foot extensions, that makes for the longest 50-50s ever. The guts of BOB also hold a full street course complete with ledges, handrails, other rails, manual pads, banks, a pyramid, a foam pit and a trampoline.

Also new for this summer is a 50k dollar bowl built by Dreamland, who, if you know anything about skateparks, build some of the best concrete anywhere. And the existing facilities—an outdoor street course, mini ramp and vert ramp are looking smooth and ready to ride.

“It’s the best skate stuff Windells has ever had up here, Head Skate Coach Jamie Weller said. “The Dreamland bowl is a good mix of gnar and not gnar.

Sessions start June 4 and run through August 26. As of right now, there is still space in all sessions but two (06/13/06 – 06/22/06) and three (06/24/06 – 07/03/06). Windells offers snowboard, ski and skate specific camps. For more info check out or give ’em a ring at (800) 765-7669.