Leslee Olson

Full Name: Leslee Olson

Date of Birth: 3/14/78

Hometown: Bend, OR

Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor

Riding Since: 1987

Sponsors: Burton, Arnette, Mt. Bachelor

Board/Stance Preference: Custom 56 with 21 in. stance, 24 degree front, 12 degree back, Factory Prime race boards

Favorite Terrain: Halfpipe, big jumps, racing, powder

First Time: My uncle took me to Mt. Bachelor, I loved it. I was small and I picked it up really easy.

Favorite place to ride: Mt. Bachelor

Is snowboarding ready for the Olympics? Kind of. It is getting so big and growing so fast. I just hope it doesn’t make it look stupid. People are training hard and it’s rad.

If you didn’t snowboard what would you be doing right now? Going to college, studying sports medicine.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding? Work out at the gym a lot, I have a trainer when I am home. I like to hang out. Weights, swim, run, mountain bike. I like skateboarding, and hanging with my pals, riding horses and singing country music.

Who most influences your style? Michele Taggart, Todd Richards, Aurelie Sayres, Peter Line, Hillary Maybery.

Who do you ride with the most? Aurelie. We have good times together. I like riding with Hillary, Barrett, and Marcus.

If you were going on a trip and could only take five things with you (other than a change of clothes and your snowboard) what would those things be? Mountain, skateboard, country CD’s, pink blanket (didi), Gabby (Reece) book.

My Favorites…

Color: Blue

Food: Snacks

Month: December

Number: 14

Mountain: Mt. Bachelor

Time of Day: Day and night

Airline: United

Car: Hummer

Animal: Chimpanzee and horse