Launch 16.2

Ask yourself, do you want some of this? Because the issue’s supercharged-it’s got muscle behind it and meats beneath. We’ve tinkered and toiled under the hood for hours, and the result has us revved up. Suss out the horsepower.

While the kiddies are busy riding city rails, and seasoned pros tear down the back mountains, there’re contenders and heavyweights heating up superpipes, quarterpipes, and other courses for cash and title. We’re getting international, following the tour for three contests on three continents: Europe, Japan, and the U.S. It’s a full damage report turned in by correspondence near and abroad of competitors on an all-out meltdown. Get the runs starting on page 120.

Video doesn’t lie. That point’s been held over snowboarding magazines for years, because on occasion, publications have been accused of faking sequences. I don’t know anything about that. But I would agree that only in footage is it always evident to the viewer if the trick got stomped. Clearly, movies have the edge and numerous others.
Magazines, though, are dynamic, stories told with words and images-some are detailed, even explicit. Pages provide more than shaky footage and a shoddy soundtrack. They’re tangible, evolving, multi-angled, insightful, and can be taken anywhere. Get me?It’s come to film versus photo, this is the breakdown of things as given by Jennifer Sherowski. What does each offer? And why the hell do your favorite riders show up in one form, but not both, every season? Does one medium shadow the other? “Has Video Killed The Magazine Star?” Turn to page 134 for the really big picture-it’s all cued up and playing out now.

Louie Fountain has been on a slow burn … you might have heard his name mentioned around the snowboarding watercooler, but little appeared in editorial or film that would support rumblings of a new hero. You see, his person and skills have been smoldering in a dark corner for the last couple winters.
So why is he bringing the heat now? What’s the accelerant that all of a sudden is feeding his flame? Could it be traced back to his section in the new Robot Food movie? Or is this only a scheduled part of a universal master plan?
Joel Muzzey coaxed Louie into the light, put the magnifying glass to ’em for a larger look at his life. Who is Louie Fountain? You’ll get clear resolution beginning on page 142.

Clear the decks, check your shorts, and drop in.

Andy Blumberg