Launch 16.1

This turned out to be a different winter.

As photo submissions arrived and assignments were completed, we’ve sorted out the lot and recorded who straight up killed it-when, where, with what-and ultimately, how we’ll make good use of it all. Here’s the setup:

The ams came into position again. The TransWorld Team Challenge saw TJ Schneider switch backside 540 on to 50-50 to frontside 360 off. It was further supported by the riding of Charlie Morace, Scotty Arnold, Zach Leach, Ryan Lougee, the CAPiTA crew, and Option team, who with others there, rang in the mounting insurrection taking place among the ranks. For the recap, flip to page 150. Want more proof, pudding? Look at the bunch of nasty stills, sequences, and profiles on SLC’s Punks. Snowboarding’s blue-collar working stiffs speak out starting on page 172.

In a season plagued by plaguing injuries for many pros, and riders focused on filming, fewer got the banger interview stuff compared to last year. But still, for a number of household names-’01/02 was a slaughterfest. Paavo Tikkanen, for instance, had an interview in Volume Fourteen, now he keeps up by getting a Forward on page 42. See just why he’s Cody’s newest favorite Scanner. Explore deeper into the guts of this issue to page 186 and our Wrecking Crew photo feature of heroes you can expect to see more from.

Let’s not ignore the Olympics. Most us had low expectations that the sport would be done justice. But can you really remember any other contest that went down. Whether the judging and coverage were objective or not, there was more to the event than hype. Guaranteed, snowboarding won’t ever be the same. Read in depth on page 138.

There’re plenty of surprises and tricks to the trade left to come in Volume Sixteen.

Andy BlumbergManaging Editor