With the beginning of spring and the arrival of the warm temperatures, the local Utah ski resorts are starting to end their seasons. Although there is still plenty of snow on the hills and the weather is nothing short of beautiful, resorts like Brighton, who have land use leases with the US Forest Service, are required to stop operating. What better way to celebrate a record snowfall season than with a day of riding, barbecuing and pond skimming?

This year closing day was Sunday, April 23 and the Ogio crew was on the scene with our giant new BBQ grill (thanks Jennifer!) cooking bratwursts and burgers for anyone that was hungry. Everyone who came by was really excited to see us there and no one went away hungry. Special thanks to Andy Bell, Andy Donahue, Jared Winkler and the Brighton Park Crew and all the Ogio snow team riders (Mark Edlund, Aaron Biittner, Justin Bennee, Forrest Shearer, Drew Fuller and Laura Hadar) that showed up for the event. It was a great success and look out for another BBQ event coming up at Snowbird for their closing day festivities—with all the snow they still have, it might be a while!