The East Coast having a healthy snowfall in the last few weeks aided some of the most exotic snow sculptures ever created at the event. If you haven’t heard about the extra $3000 dollars up for grabs just a week after the U.S Open then maybe you should stick around next year to try to pick up a few extra bucks if you blew it in the finals in Vermont.

The event took place on March 23rd with help from Vans, Oakley, and Lib and started out with a 50ft step down launch ramp. People were a little hesitant at first to step to the jump as the pop factor on this puppy was ridonkulous! After about half hour session a few people threw in the towel, but the session went on for about another forty five minutes with Scotty Lago trying to end the session by attempting a variety of things rather than practicing his best trick, whichever one that is? Lago almost cleared the whole damn mountain with a switch backside 180 that made a few people puke with envy of style.

Colleen Quigley got bucked up a little bit on the jump as it looked like she later commented on her new trick being a “Frontside 180 half back flip to ASS. She shrugged that one off laughing as her chiropractor was booking her next appointment.

Next on the agenda was Loon’s most expensive creation in the park the industrial wallride. A little bit sticky with a wood topsheat and two big tombstones on either side of the wall with the tightest tranny made some for some good carnage. Tanner Pendleton was up in the club house, using some finesse and careful re-entry skills. A couple ally-oopish “fiddy-fiddy’s with landings yielded victorious applause from his comrades.

The mess of metal in the rail garden started with a fatty square bar kink. Then you had to either gap 20ft approx., to a flat down square bar, or the most popular feature of the day was the donkey box gap to u-box. The u-box sounds funny doesn’t it? Kind of sounds like grandma referring to the u-pipe, for the record can we call this device the “Cusp box. Chaz “DA Spaz Guildemond took this apart with my favorite stunt of the day, frontside lip to backside rodeo out. But the poacher of the event and many others for that matter, “Wild East Willy, aired the entire apparatus and kissed the last inch of the cusp with an echoing backside disaster. Wild Willy is gonna blow, peep him out in next years video “Hollywood.Coming in hot!, with a fourth place finish in the womens slopestyle in Vermont the previous weekend Jaime Macleod shut down all female competitors. Kinda funny that Jaime is one of the best slopestyle riders in the world but can’t get a free snowboard? Isnt it?

Scott Stevens from Westerm Mass. earned himself a free trip to Snowboarders Superpark. Stevens and Yale Cousino were the two park slayers of the day. Both of these guys are some new level style and tricks. They picked apart the park as some little fat kid I watched picked his nose watching for hours. For more information on the event and the sponsors that made this event possible check out