Lago Wins US Open Quarterpipe

Danny Garrity photo Joel Muzzey

It was an an hour and a half jam filled with 60 mph run ins on a 30 foot-high, 70-foot wide monster QP. There were more miracles than a faith healing session at a Southern church. Riders were rising up from 20-foot air to flats.

Lago stomped a couple huge back nines, HUGE. STOMPED. He won. Seb Toots was smooth beyond words super high up backside airs, definitely in the running for highest air. It might have been on the highest of the highest that he came down lock-kneed on the deck. He was voted least likely to stand up, which he went ahead and did almost immediately. Danny Garrity wasn’t a slouch tonight either busting out some of the biggest backside airs of his own--he was actually clocked at 61 mph on his final hit of the night. NBD.

A highlight for everyone was Peter Line on the QP. I overheard some trivia from announcer Preston Strout about Pete having won the big air thirteen years ago, in 1996 at the Open. He had some air-to-fakie tonight that looked like they were putting him in contention again.

Tonight we were witness to some miracles of recovery. Among the blessed were Daniel Ek, Sebastien, Shayne Pospisil, and more. Amen and stuff, I’m glad that’s over.

Amp Highest Air:
Kjersti Buaas--15 foot air
Luke Mitrani--24.5 foot air

Men’s Quarterpipe Results:
1. Scotty Lago (New Hampshire)
2. Daniel Ek (NOR)
3. Sebastien Toutant (CAN)

Women’s Quarterpipe Results:
1. Kjersti Buaas (NOR)
2. Lisa Wiik (NOR)
3. Elena Height (USA)

Photos Joel Muzzey

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