Oh video premieres. Who doesn’t like to hang out in a theater with a bunch of kids wearing reservoir tip beanies and get too drunk to care what the hell is actually on the screen? Well, I guess ’tis the season, because last week Portland saw the premieres of Runway’s La La Land and Blank Paper Productions’ In Short courtesy of Bonfire/Salomon. The venue turned out to the space-challenged Living Room Theater, and the 7:00 show sold out well before any of the riders, video makers, industry people, etc. actually got there, since none of us are ever on time for anything, ever. Luckily the Living Room boasts a nice little lounge area, so we all hung out until the 9:00 second showing.

The first video was La La Land, and I won’t really dwell on it since all of you read Annie’s review last month. It’s actually good that she already did that one, because I missed most of the video due to Jamie Anderson standing in front of me yelling various praise/profanities at the screen. Man, I love that girl. So basically, the girls killed it, you already read the review, and now you should go get the movie for yourself. Now onto the next video …

In Short is a collection of short films that were shot primarily during the 06/07 season with the likes of David Benedek, Christophe Schmidt, Mikey LeBlanc, Eric Messier, Ben Fee, Mike Basich, and many others. I guess I could ramble on about how incredible the video is, about the impressive filming, editing, and insane locations, but instead I’m just going to say that it’s fucking good, and that you should go watch it for yourself. There’s no way I could do it justice here. Although I will say that along with me thinking it was an amazing movie, my non-snowboarder boyfriend and his used-to-snowboard-but-now-hates-it friend Randy both deemed it “epic. Seriously, they used that word. And then in the lobby I tried to tell Benedek that I thought it was a good film and instead I totally fanned out and just said, “It was amazing … so awesome … amazing, and had to take myself out of the situation before it turned embarrassing.

Afterward we all headed over to the Ace Hotel for some DJ entertainment at the after party. Jarad Hadi and Desiree Melancon should probably quit snowboarding and start dancing careers, Eric Messier apparently knows every word to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That, and obviously it started raining. Oh yeah, and Java (the new Salomon TM) wanted me to mention that all the kids who showed up got “like a bazillion schwag items,” so maybe if you come next year you too can walk away with 27 new T-shirts and at least a couple of posters. So there you have it: video premieres the Northwest way.