Kinger From the Gravity Games

Hello to everyone out there in Internet land! I’ve really been slacking this last couple of weeks¿my computer has been broken, and I really haven’t had much extra time.

I finally got my computer fixed and I’m good to go on more journals from the super-shred dog zone. Sorry for the delay.

I can’t believe what a great season I am having. After breaking my ankle last year, and having some serious down time to refocus on my career as a pro snowboarder, I decided that having as much fun and riding for myself was going to be my first priority.

I also decided to focus on being serious about training in the off season so that I would be ready to jump right back in where I left off. Something seems to be working, because stepping right up and winning a world cup and two Grand Prixs right off the bat qualifies as my best season ever.

The Breckenridge Grand Prix was super fun. The pipe was super big and smooth, and everyone was riding really well. I was fighting a nasty little cold that kept me in bed for most of the week, only leaving my hotel room to ride the pipe for a couple of hours and to eat.

I felt pretty good on the qualifier day, so I went up to check out the action. I didn’t have to qualify because I won the first Grand Prix in Mammoth, so I helped Mark Sullivan announce the event and call the tricks.

Ross Powers was absolutely untouchable that day¿throwing out some of the biggest straight airs I’ve ever seen in a contest, frontside 900s and cab 900s. I was also really impressed by Andy Finch. That freak was busting gigantic flips and hucking himself harder than everyone. A little more experience and he will be the one to beat.

The day of the finals had miserable weather. The kind of windy, snowy, gray day crap that makes most people want to stay inside and watch reruns of Jerry Springer. Typical contest weather. Everyone in the finals cowboyed up and got in there (in between the microbursts of wind that would completely obscure the halfpipe), and threw down a pretty good show.

Powers busted huge, but couldn’t quite pull of a repeat of the previous day. Ricky Bower rode big and clean. Tommy Czeschin pulled his technical back-to-back 720, frontside 900 flip run almost flawlessly. The French Canadian ripper Guy did the sickest backside five to frontside 900 combo I’ve ever seen.

As for myself, I just tried to go as big as I could and threw down a satoflip and frontside 900 flip. I wasn’t really planning on doing the 900 flip, but I did a really good stalefish in my run, got all stoked, and just decided to go for it.

I landed on my feet and rode away clean, and walked away with another ten grand and a good shot at the truck at the end of the series. Talk about living the dream.

I spent all of last week riding powder at home in Jackson. Actually being home in the middle of winter is kind of a novelty for me. I was so stoked. I got in four good days of pow, and then mildly sprained my ankle trying to do backside rodeos in Dick’s Ditch, so I’ve been taking it easy trying to let it heal so I can rip it this week at the Gravity Games in Mammoth, where I am writing this now.

The pipe here is the best pipe I’ve ridden in a long time, possibly ever. My ankle is still bugging me a little, but perfect trannies make it easy to not land too hard.

This contest is going to go off. I can’t wait to ride that pipe some more. Boardercross and skiercross are tomorrow, but it is supposed to snow another foot tonight, so I don’t know what will go off tomorrow. The big air is truly a big air. Everything is big here. I guess that is why they call it “Mammoth”, right?

I’ll keep you posted.