Keeping Up With The Jones’

Some heavy content to be found on both of the Jeremy Jones blogs right now.

One is reporting from a little cabin perched atop the Alps.

“Standing at the bottom of the line a was feeling sick.  No amount of water could wet my pallet and I started to wonder if I might throw up or crap my pants.  Xavier was pointing up to a line that he wanted us to hike and climb and I was not feeling it.  It required a 200 foot ice climb up to a hanging, very exposed,  snow field.  To ride it safely would require a rappel in the middle of the line.” —Jeremy Jones

Click the screengrab or here’s the link

And the other just dropped an alternate edit of his Double Decade part.

“This was the edit I was hoping for in DD, but the powers that be I guess, Clippy clippy!” —Jeremy Jones

Click the screengrab or here’s the link