Premiere party photo gallery linked on the left.

All Six Keep Talkin’ teasers linked on the left as well.

Under Par Productions celebrated the premiere of Keep Talkin’ this past Thursday. Thanks to Coors, Finlandia, Redbull and the Martini Ranch, everyone had a blackout good time. Chad Otterstrom and Bryan Redniss tossed out thousands in product to the packed bar from Neff, Allyance, Academy, Rossignol, Emage, Bluebird, smith and Bonfire. It looked like everyone left with something. Riders were dancing, the ladies were flocking, the guys were drooling and some puking. The movie was insane with tons of sweet tech tricks and Chad’s ridiculous ender part. The party was a blast in the face with free booze, fun times and entertaining snowboarding followed by a beautiful hangover that lasted till Saturday. Check out the photos provided by Jason Legge, Tom Dadorian, Zach Horwitz, Holly Canfield and Ninja—go get this movie! Thanks for the funtimes it was soooo hot!