Just because the heat of summer is here, it doesn’t mean the quest for shred has stopped, more of a slight pause in the action. A time to catch up with friends and family from a long winter. Nonetheless, the K2 Team has still managed to slide sideway, reek a bit of havoc, and continues to preach the power of snow across the globe.

Yes that’s right ladies and gentleman it’s time to sit back and catch up on the latest news and gossip of K2 snowboarding…

Wille Yli-Luoma spent most of his early summer relaxing at home in Finland with his daughter, sleeping in his own bed and resting up for the long summer days at Mt. Hood. Wille popped in to Mt Hood quite a bit this year creating chaos at the K2 Summer House, manning the BBQ, stickering the groms while they slept and throwing down for the campers during the day. Wille stayed long enough to walk home blinging with a new Ice covered Rolex by hucking the biggest air atthe Abominable Snow Jam QP contest. From there he has been cruising the west coast falling in love with a new hottie every week and waiting to buy the next gadget that he absolutely can’t live without…Don’t forget to check out the Superpark Issue of Snowboarder Magazine with Wille on the cover!

Northwest hero, Louie Fountain has been going strong finishing his part for the new release from Robot Food “Afterlame”. Louie is one of theoriginal Robots and has stepped up this year to ensure an amazing part in the new vid. If he’s not spending countless hours in the editing bay you’llfind Louie cruising back and forth between Mt. Hood and Portland where he’s chilling with his family and spreading K2 Love to all the campers at Windell’s.

Guess who’s back? That”s right boys and girls, Gretchen Blieler is healthy and hucking tricks up at Hood. After a quick world tour with boy toyand K2 shredder Chris Hotel through Hawaii, Peru and a stop over in Tyrol Basin to judge the summer shredfest, she is ready to go and has spent the entire summer at Hood getting loose on her stick and making young boys smile. In her 1st contest back from ACL surgery, Gretchen took 2nd at the Abominable Snow Jam 1/2 pipe contest at Mt. Hood in July. Looks like she is back and as strong asever!

Continuing on with the mayhem that is Mt hood in the summer, an up close and personal encounter with a Windell’s booter has Bobby Meeks sipping Starbucks and responding to all his fan email back in SLC with a broken foot and a bent nose. Look for Bobby to be back on track by early October and ready to go for the fall. Speaking of SLC kids K2 Pro rider Jon Kooley is back in SLC skating the summer away and meeting Bobby for triple nonfat frappacino’s. Kooley had a solid spring with trips to Germany and then to Alaska for the borderlinecamp. Aside from skating in SLC, Jon has spent some time in Portland to edit his part in the new movie Love/Hate.

Oh Canada my home and sacred land! Did anyone see the great interview with Brian Savard in the newest issue of “The Snowboard Journal”? 16pages of pure freeriding pleasure, if you haven’t seen it you best check it! The crew at “The Snowboard Journal” is doing a great job and the mag is sick!

While on the subject of Canada, our favorite little Canadian Rookie, Leanne Pelosi is coming off a victorious spring winning about every handrail contest she entered. Including both of the Bonfire pipe to pipe Rail Contests at Mt.Hood. Believe it or not this is her fist experience at Hood and so far she’s loving every minute. To top it off, Leanne has been nominated for female “Rookie of the Year” in the Transworld Riders Poll. Looks like Leanne is blowing up and ready to step it up to the International ranks!

As for the rest of our fearless rookies – Shaun McKay is once again at HCSC coaching the youth of today on your basic snowboard tricks——Backflips, Butters and Slush Slashes. When I asked Shaunabout coaching all he had to say was “All the boys want to be me and all the ggirls want to be with me!” Shaun will begin his world video tour onSeptember 8th in San Diego for the world premier of Neoproto’s “EVERYDAY SOMETHING”. Shortly after that he will be making trips to Portland, Seattle,Reno and Tokyo to promote the video and K2 Snowboards.

Zac Marben is fighting the heart in Minnesota recovering from his knee injury and getting stronger every day. He made a brief showing at Hood to film his intro for Everyday Something and then head back to the Midwest to judge a fewsummer rail jams as well as scout out new handrails for the upcoming fall.

Boy Toy Chris Hotel is healthy, in love and getting re-acquainted with his stick. A long time HCSC coach you are sure to find him at Mt. Hood walking hand in hand with his lady and eating Volcano Cones in the hot afternoon sun.

Last but not least young gun Ross Baker. This kid has the life. He gets home schooled so he can shred all winter, is sponsored by Windell’s so he can shred all summer and the kid throws the sickest 9’s. Ross is 13 yrs old and better than you, so pay attention, watch and learn. Oh Yeah, watch Luke Mitrani, Ross has got your number and it’s on!

Make sure you check all the K2 team out in up-coming films “Everday Something” “Afterlame” “Chulksmack” “Love/Hate” “Thunk” and a handful of other videos to hit this coming fall. Logonto www.k2snowboards.com for the most recent team news and chaos.