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Jussi Oksanen, serious badass. This Finnish legend is a rider who has constantly evolved as a rider and constantly impressed, since he burst onto the scene in the late 90s. He came out spinning as a rookie and quickly began to scoop up podium spots and big checks in Big Air events and early X Games starting in like, 2000. He even competed in pipe at the Olympic debut in Japan in 1998! He has also produced a legacy of film footage that is incredible; with the Robot Food movies, with Mack Dawg—ender, in this year's Double Decade and now he's gearing up for the new Burton movie. After more than a decade as a top pro, Jussi is still just as fresh, just as stoked and just as exciting to watch. From his progressive rail and jib exploits of a few years back to his current Alaskan explorations, Jussi continues his mission ride the living shit out of everything in his path. Right now he is out in Colorado—like most of the American pros—getting his shred legs warmed up and getting the season going.

Here's a few questions/answers with the Juice.

How did you feel about snagging the ender in Double Decade?

There were so many legit parts this year, it's always a tough call who is going to get it. But, I'm definitely stoked to finally get the last part with MDP and especially as it's their last movie that they will produce.


Photos Andy Wright

How can you top that?

There are so many things that we can do better, that's a great thing about snowboarding and that's what keeps me going. New tricks, new terrain, new features, new ways of filming.

Do you have plans for competing this winter?

Yeah, I'm doing the first Dew Tour stop in a few weeks, we'll see how that goes. I'm also doing the X Games and the US Open.

What are your winter plans?

Right now I'm in Colorado just cruising and bonding with my snowboard! I'm doing a few contests and the filming hard for rest of the year. Burton has committed to making a full movie with the whole global team and they just hired Brad Kremer (of Mack Dawg fame) to produce it, so it should be solid. I'm looking forward working on a new project and have smaller crews so that we can do cool unique stuff—something we really couldn't do so much in the past, as we always had four riders in a crew.

Who will be in your film crew for the new Burton movie project?

It's still all up in the air. There are so many rad people in the crew that I would be fine filming with any of them. The crew is definitely going to be totally new and different from what I've had for last 4 years, but I think it will be good to mix it up and ride with a new crew and get inspired by different styles. Hopefully, I will get to ride with Tadashi in Canada, that would be sick and whomever else is down for some missions.

What are you focusing on with your riding at this point?

I just want to look for new features and try look at things a bit different.

What other stuff do you have going on?

Hanging with my family and spending time with my kids. Check out mizulife.com, go buy yourself a water bottle that looks good, stop the plastic waste and saves you money by not buying water in plastic bottles. Mizu is a project I have been working on—trying to get things up and running. We are looking forward opening our online store around January.

When you are surfing the web, where do you go?

Transworld.com, bbc.co.uk, Finnish news sites, weather, surfline.com, and youtube.

What are you most stoked on right now?

My family. I'm also stoked that we are finally doing legit movie with Burton, which should be sick!


Photos Andy Wright