June Mountain Is On Fire!

Wednesday, January the sixth, 2006--The snow that wreaked winter in Mammoth showed up without a doubt, at sister mountain June. Arriving, we were greeted with clear skies, no wind and a parking lot that was practically empty. The face had been good two days earlier, when things were fresh, but now, not so much. Undeterred, we headed straight up, for powder hounding was not the name of the game. The medium park (Upper and Lower Sunrise) was in full effect. The rail setup is perfect right now. It goes like this--a sick down flat down that isn’t too treacherous, a mellow single round down rail, a barrel bonk, a square down with a donkey, and a long wide down rail into a large, banked c-box. Phew. And they are all legit, skate style, ollie-on rails. Make a mental note--June keeps it real.Conveniently located next to each rail is pretty much the box version of that rail, good for warming up and whatnot. The c-box empties out into a fun jump into a roller, and a long, wide groomed run perfect for serious hockey stopping. Then there are two bigger jumps and two rollers. After long last, we lapped ourselves out--it happens. We ended the day with a tour of the mini park and a cruise down the most happening cat-track this side of the Mississippi--arguably the best run of the day. The base depth is now eight to ten feet and counting. All runs are open, all lifts are lifting, and the Superpipe should be open soon, along with the death-jumps on Gunsmoke if you’re into that kinda stuff. So the next time you’re on the 395, just keep straight for a minute and try on the little mountain that can, and will.