JP Walker invents a new trick!

Age: 26
Sponsors: Forum, Special Blend
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah and Encinitas, California
Years snowboarding: Fourteen
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140 pounds
Stance: Regular, 21.75 inches wide and set back 3/4 of an inch, with eighteen degrees of angle on the front and negative-five in back.

Trick breakdown: I call it a frontside double corkscrew. I thought of it a few years ago when I was trying to do frontside corkscrew 900s and accidentally flipped one too many times. For some reason I still had control and knew where I was in the air. I kept thinking about it and felt like if I focused on coming around to my feet, it could work out. Fast-forward two years. I was filming my video part for Shakedown and had just recovered from a broken jaw, shattered teeth, and a concussion. I missed about a month of filming, and the powder season was coming to an end-so I was a bit behind. It was my first day back filming since getting hurt, and the jump was good for it, so I chucked it once and almost made it. Two tries later, I rode away-straight out into the flat until I couldn’t go any farther, trying to figure out if I really stuck it or if I was just tripping.

How to do it: This trick is good for medium to large jumps-preferably with a good powder landing. It’s basically a frontside corkscrew 540 and then another flip. Take off on your heels, and spin a frontside cork super fast so that you finish the five at the peak of your air. When you come around, keep your head tucked and stay spinning so you can flip over again. Try to spot the landing over your shoulder and hope that you timed it right. The landing is like doing a front flip on a trampoline, but you’re looking over your shoulder.