Jimmy Halopoff

Full Name: Jimmy Alexander Halopoff

Date of Birth: 1/25/71

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Home Mountain: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Riding Since: 1986

Sponsors: Vans

Board/Stance Preference: Lamar directional Jimmy Halopoff Pro Model

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you go? TAHOE!

Favorite Terrain: Everything

First Time: My first time was at Echo Summit with my friend Bobby Dykes. It was one of the funnest days of my life.

Is snowboarding ready for the Olympics? Yes, why not?

If you didn’t snowboard what would you be doing right now? Being a loser. Snowboarding saved me.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding? Hang out with my girl.

Who most influences your style? Shaun Palmer, Randy Walter, Kevin Jones.

Who do you ride with the most? Randy Walter, Shaun Johnson, Ian Reuter, Nathan Yant.

If you were going on a trip and could only take five things with you (other than a change of clothes and your snowboard) what would those things be? Five friends.

My Favorites…

Color: White

Food: Hot Dog

Month: January, royalty checks

Number: 12

Mountain: Tahoe

Time of Day: night

Airline: Reno Scair

Car: Don’t have a car

Animal: Kevin Jones