Jason Brown Paints His Opus

For the past week Jason Brown has been holed up in a secret Austrian art facility creating the graphics for his new Jason Brown Opus model snowboards from Seven. While other signature models are simply screen-printed and stamped out, Jason is hand-painting each and every one of his new Opus boards. You can watch him painting live via his webcam at http://www.jasonbrown.com.

Why would a pro actually create the artwork on thousands of snowboards and share it live on the Internet? You’d expect Jason to know, however, he seems to be as mystified by the process as we are. “The ‘Opus’ as it’s known, is a unique character,” Jason said via e-mail from Austria. “And how it came to be is, perhaps, it’s defining quality. You see even I don’t know the true reason the Opus decided to be. I just know that it did, I had nothing to do with it.”

Jason believes that the artwork on these new boards is something that he’s being forced into doing by inner forces that are at work in his psyche. “It is my opinion, that the Opus is an extension or a translation of the patterns of my subconscious,” he elucidates. “A map, if you will of the endless pathways and dead-ends that make up my ego. Through the action of effort, I am able, with the help of a few wonderful people, to release the Opus unto you.”

After listening to the artist some might assume that the secret Austrian paint facility is poorly ventilated, however, there is a method to Jason’s madness. “While creating the Opus I noticed something,” he says. “I couldn’t paint just anything. That is, I’m not painting anything that doesn’t belong of the Opus. This is interesting to me, and became rather enjoyable. While painting each board I am able to concentrate on an idea from my head, that wasn’t entirely mine, and would soon belong to someone else. That make’s me very happy. I enjoyed painting each and every board, differently.”

Always the trickster, Jason has included strange graphic elements that he is calling “rarities” into many of the boards. “These Rarities are places where the rules of the Opus were bent, and they are very rare,” he continues. “Some boards have one Rarity, others have two. A few even have three Rarities that would be called a “Triple Rarity”.

The boards are a part of the puzzle that is Jason Brown’s life. If you’d like to see what all of the Rarities look like, or want to find out the name and details about a rarity on your board, just visit Jason’s web site to find out more. http://www.jasonbrown.com.