Vague Upbringing : The History of the Whiskey videos

Lauren Graham is an award winning up-and-coming filmmaker from North Vancouver. She’s been burning the midnight oil piecing together a documentary on the infamous Whiskey videos-shedding light on the debauchery of days gone by.What’s the Project?

Vague Upbringing : The History of the Whiskey videos–it’s about Sean Johnson and Sean Kearns, the original filmmakers, and the snowboarders and skateboarders that ruined themselves on and off the camera for years, only maintaining what they had created. I seek truth behind speculations of chaos, addiction, and anarchy. The Whiskey videos brought up a lot of riders all over the world, and its style inspired a new type of filmmaking. It was a new perspective to snowboarding–it was the truth. The vague part comes from the fact that no one knows what was going on behind the scenes while these movies were being made. That’s the story that needs to be told.

How’d you get started?

I went to film school in North Vancouver and worked for some snowboard production companies for awhile, and then ran my own tiny company for a few years, it was called Shot In The Dark. Now I want to write, direct, and edit feature films and documentaries. This film is perfect because the Whiskey videos were my total inspiration to want to be a filmmaker. To have the opportunity to pay my respect to those guys is all I want … and to tell their story.

How’s it been going so far?

It’s been going wicked, we’re going to start shooting the interviews in June, We’re building our shooting schedule right now, and we’re still in the research and development stage. I’ve been logging and capturing the original footage, and building questions around the craziness caught on tape.

Who’re you working with?

Love And Money productions Inc. out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

When’s it going to be done?

Fall 2005

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