It’s Bluebird In Jackson.

Jackson Hole went off this weekend with the premier of the Bluebird wax movie Water to Wine, Travis Rice’s 21st birthday, and an early season snowfall.

Bluebird seized the moment and threw one hell of a roving party starting with a barbeque at Willie McMillon’s house, which quickly disintegrated into a kegger. The party migrated down the boardwalks to the Million Dollar Cowboy bar, the crew ponied up at the bar for a few, and then on to the Teton Theater.

Crowds of locals had the place surrounded before the doors even opened. The unconventional movie starred Iguchi, Rice, Lance Pittman, Harrison Ford, Kurt Wastell, and Adam Dowell trying to make it up to the hill before last tram. I don’t want to give the ending away, but they do get their shred on before the end of the movie, and the wax seems to work. The movie breaks all the rules of snowboard flicks. Will the kids dig it? Who knows-and Willie probably doesn’t care.

Any party that ends with talk of what the hell happened to you last night is probably a good one. Travis slept in some late model Astro van, filmer Rich Goodwin settled down under a tree on the lawn, until he “shivered himself awake.”

Snow King started blowing snow that night, and it snowed all day at the Village. The winter migration of shredders back to Jackson was in full effect and you could feel the buzz in the air. Last season Jackson saw the floodgates into the backcountry open and the full spectrum of Grenade to Burton pros rush in from everywhere. The secret might finally be out.