Let’s start with the band. Bend, Oregon set the stage for body fluid, blood, purple stuff, green stuff, along with other “DNA” related fluids. And lots of it. You have to see Gwar at least once in your life. That’s all there is to it. Just how much they put in to one show is impressive enough. All the costumes, makeup, props, and hydraulic systems for pumping fluid on to your face as they cut George Bush’s head off. It’s crazy. Or when the huge dinosaur goes totally ape stuff and eats everything in sight. Not to mention Satan himself even makes an appearance. All along to the sounds of sweet heavy metal. Even Josh Dirksen was there getting bananas in the crowd. Cobra Dogs was there serving up the dizogs. Being the investigative journalist I am, I tracked down hot man and owner of C Dogs, Cory Grove to ask him about the night’s events. All he had was this to say, “This is a hotdog eating crowd”. I concur.

Now that I have my blatant self-promotion out of the way, let’s talk turkey. All sorts of zany snowboard industry guys were roaming the venue looking to get sacrificed. Young buck Curtis “You Would” Csizek , Tonino Copene (Nitro),Blue Montgomery (CAPiTA), the side effect crew, Travis Yamada, just to name a few. There were some serious knucks going down, I’ll tell you what.

ir77 was a huge hit. I never get tired of watching that movie. Not to mention Lukas Huffman and Jake Price are two of the coolest people you can find in the industry. They know how to have fun and they work their asses off doing it. In other words, they don’t mess around and it shows at all of the ir77 premieres. If that isn’t enough, if you bought a new Capita snowboard, you got a free ticket and got to meet Gwar themselves. And even more on top of that, Markie “Skeeeooowww!” Wirges is the promoter and good friend of all involved. It was a solid posse for a good night out. Thanks to everyone for putting on one of the best video premieres ever.