After the mayhem at the world premier of ir77 in Portland, the crew shoved off for:

A. Some vacation time in Croatia.

B. The European launch of ir77 at the Grand gallery in Switzerland.

Andrew Crawford, Jake Price, and myself (Lukas Huffman) were on site, where the Grand gallery graciously lent it’s space to the project—so the crew plastered the place with print matter.

I had been preparing a huge ass collage of all this material we’d collected throughout the development of the book. Little bits of paper with ideas on them, actual art that people had sent me, copies of Andrew’s journals, and test prints of everything. A lot of cool paper had been generated over the past two years, and this was the opportunity to put it all together—to look at it all at one time.

So, I had some big plan to install this nine-foot by fifteen-foot collage on one of the walls in the gallery. Well, somewhere a couple months ago when I started working on this, the dimensions of the wall got miss communicated. Long story short, we showed up in Zurich and the plan would not work, as the wall was too small for the collage that I had prepared and sent over there.

Lozza, the owner of the Grand Gallery and I did some quick thinking—problem solving on the fly, and figured out what to do. We would just plaster print matter all over the whole place, and spread the process around. And spread we did. There was information in every corner—press sheet here, type there, and pictures everywhere. It turned out pretty cool, although much different then I’d spent the past couple months thinking about. Life is always like that, different than one expected. But, we got it up, plopped a T.V. looping the movie, and a copy of the finished book right in middle. The simple idea: process on the walls, finished project in the middle.

The party was cool. There were all sorts of Euro shreds there, Italian stallions (Giacomo Kratter), Swiss swizzlers (Nicolas Meuller), and Swissted sisters (Romain DeMarche).

And, so people hung out, talked, and of course smoked a butt load of cigarettes, like it is the EU’s job.

And, then we screened the movie on the crazy walls inside. It was a real down to earth premier. At first I was kind of wierded out that there was nobody puking, or taking their shirts off, but I realized it was just the right thing at the right time, people seemed to enjoy being coherent and being able to remember the night.

Now we are moving on to NYC for the October 3rd premier, where I am sure everybody will be smoking like they are on a pay roll, but they might be more salty then the friendly Swiss.

Thanks GRAND gallery.

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