Stevie is funny. He laughs at everything, this, that, them, her, us, himself, and you! About the only thing he takes seriously is shredding. When haters thought Stevie would just be a flash in the pan—gone in the space of a season or two, he laughed at them, too, while he kept right on riding hard and partying his ass off. Positivity is on his side; whether he’s out filming, trying like hell to stomp in the backcountry, or just messing with Kennedy. He has the energy of ten normal people and some serious skills. Would he have lasted this long if he was just the “token black kid” on Forum and not a legit pro rider? No. Would he have spent a month in Whistler and taken the backcountry beating all winter long if he just wanted to slide down rails? No. And even when all his hard work in the backcountry got scrapped for the new Forum movie, Stevie remains upbeat. He is learning. He is riding on a wave of good times and good vibes and proving the haters wrong while at the same proving to himself (and his team) that his 110% commitment to shredding is well worth the effort. 

Are you pleased with your part in Forum Or Against 'Em?

Kinda, I like it but I don't, because I worked my ass off and got a lot of footage and they ended up cutting all my jumps and a bunch of other shit, so I guess no. I'd be happier with it if my jumps weren't cut, but I'll make sure they are all in there next year.

So, it's all rails no jumps?

Yep it is, but that was not my choice.

In your part, you pose the rhetorical question, "Am I just pro because I'm black?"

It's just something I've heard before, so the crew at Forum and I thought we would address the situation. And so we did, as my intro.

Describe the Forum team vibe right now?

Sick, fun and we all get along. I love filming with all of the dudes, they're the shit!

What are your plans for the premier this weekend?

Go have fun and represent.

One piece of dirt on each of your fellow team members?

Jake Blauvelt: His nickname is 45-minute Jake.

Jake Welch: Got drunk with us on his 21st birthday.

Travis Kennedy: Spends more time at the strip club than on his snowboard.

Pat Moore: He steals vegetable oil from restaurants.

Nic Sauve: Plays the violin and sings to himself.

Peter Line: Spits on kids shoes when drunk.

Joni Malmi: Steals music.

John Jackson: Lets his girlfriend tell him what to do.

Eddie: ?

photo: Andy Wright

What was your biggest accomplishment of last season?

Not getting hurt, because it seems like everyone else did. 

Stevie appears in the new release from Forum: Forum Or Against 'Em which premiers this Saturday night in Portland, Oregon.