Iikka Bäckström Interview

He might be down, but he’s not out. After a brutal shoulder slam at the TransWorld Team Shoot Out, Finnish-Canadian powder pro, Iikka Bäckström had to get a surgery on his shoulder. Since then he’s been healing up in Southern California. Even though he’s been sidelined, he is killing it in SoCal--chilling harder than anyone in the history of humanity. I cut into his chill time trying to get him to answer about 3 questions, he finally answered though. Check it.

Worst slam of the season?

At Team Shoot Out, when I fell of that ginormous feature on my face and popped my shoulder out … that was scary--just falling forever having no clue when I was gonna hit the ground…the best is that I called it out about 5 minutes before it happened.

Where have you been skating this summer? Carmel Valley park and the Zero indoor park here in San Diego … so fun… now, I'm out cause of my shoulder surgery.

All the bros have bikes, did you join the Harley rider's club yet?

No I didn't. I dunno if it's my thing. I want a fishing boat, that's my thing, I think. My truck is flat black now though, just to fit into the Encinitas hippy lifestyle, lol! I'm stoked it looks buck as fuck!

How did you end up filming with the Get Real crew?

I think 'cause I saved Joco's life once this winter from hypothermia… I gave him an HJ…

What was your best shred trip of the season?

Early season in Europe was buck.

Do you switch up your boards or ride the same one for everything?

I ride a 158 in pow and 154 in the park … In powder you need a bit bigger board to plow thru, but too long of a board gets clumsy for me. 154 is perfect for park to hop around stuff…

Talk about your pro model

It's a twin-tip obviously, cause that's what I ride … I like a board a bit stiffer, so you can shred fast and it won't fold when you hit gnarly bumps. Sidecuts--I dunno shit about it, so I just tried a bunch of different ones and chose the one I liked. For the nose and tail shape, Dev and I drew on a paper. Graphics are always some ideas that pop in my head randomly…

DC BOOTS--which one do you use and why?

Rogans ’cause their just medium-soft, comfy boot-o's.

Did you learn any new shred tricks last season?

Not really, it was kinda one of those get 'er done years again … my shoulder wasn't really feeling good, so I just tried to make it thru the winter. Actually, I learned switch backside 720, lol!

When will you go shredding next?

I'm out 'til November with my shoulder, so the early season it's on.

When's the last time you jumped on a street rail?

Dude, fuck I dunno. Maybe few years ago? I felt like I wasn't really enjoying them that much anymore so why push it? … I wanna enjoy snowboarding. I got really into riding powder and that's all I care about now. I do miss the fun rail trips though …

Are you ready to sample Alaska?

I want to go there so bad, even if it's gonna send me home or whatever, but I wanna go and give it my best shot … babysteps.

Filming plans for upcoming season?

No clue yet.