iChat: Nima Jalali

Our Big Bear correspondent Joe Carlino catches up on stuff and things with Bear loc, and trouser pilot extraordinaire Nima J—L.A.M.F! They were sitting across from each other in the living room, too lazy to talk, and messaging away. So I was all “Joe do an interview with Nima for the site. And he was all “Yeah, okay, whatevs.

Nima: Ready

Joe: Ok, hello Nima.

Nima: Greetings.

Joe: Umm, should you name your set up and sponsors?

Nima: Yeah, yeah.

Nima: M4, Flux, Planet Earth, Spy, Elm, Active, Grenade, ThirtyTwo (flow), Etnies (flow), Bear Mountain.

Joe: Sounds classy.

Nima: Pretty smooth.

Joe: So what are you up to these days?

Nima:Snowboarding at Big Bear everyday, and filming for my new video part in the Mackdawg/Neoproto merge, its called People … good shit.

Joe: Have you guys been out on any trips lately?

Nima: Yeah, we went to Ohio, and just got back from Minnesota—all handrails.

Nima: Street snowboarding.

Joe: How did that work out?

Nima: Got the part started … still gotta get an ender though.

Joe: I bet it will be legit. Don’t worry. I was really impressed with your part in Some Kinda Life.

Joe: So what is all this four is more, M4 pro model talk about?

Nima: This is the real shit! M4, its the new shit … no record breaking long distance jumping jocks over here … got my first pro model on the way, all you kids should go buy it when its out. You’ll be doin’ some spin in, spin out shit with it.

Joe: Hahaha, yeah they will, but how will kids who are 5′ 9 ride a 137?

Nima: They won’t … there’re six sizes, even a ’62 or some shit for you overgrown six foot nine kids.

Joe: This seems like a great start for the company. New pro models, new graphics … any new riders?

Nima: Yeah … we got Laura Hadar now, she’s handling business in the broad department, and I scouted out Tim Eddy … for those of you who don’t know, the kids got some shit up his sleeves.

Joe: That’s an impressive team, like the Lakers. Speaking of Lakers, you’re living in LA now?

Nima: Yeah born and raised, still living there … I travel a lot out of LAX. Or you can just go up to Big Bear and you got the best park the world in front of you. There’s some good kids coming up there too, look out for Johnny Miller—the kids gonna’ blow your mind.

Joe: That sounds like fun. Snowboarding during the day, hanging out in the city at night? How’s the city life? Girlfriend? Band? Things going well?

Nima: Things are smooth, the band is on hold for a minute, all I wanna do is snowboard everyday all day. Going snowboarding during the day, and not being stuck in some ski town, going out at night in the city—good shit.

Nima: Hittin’ the drink.

Joe: The trade show is right around the corner, should we be expecting an exciting teaser from Pierre and Justin?

Joe: What’s the line up like ride wise?

Nima: Yeah the trailer for the movie should be good, we got a really good line up … if you liked Love/Hate or Neoproto, you’ll love this movie … if you liked warren miller’s latest ski flick, it ain’t gonna be for you. We got some crazy heavy hitters, Hebbel, Kooley, Mitch nelson, McKay, Mcarthy and a lot more, its gonna be a good film … Pierre and Justin are some of the best filmers and editors in snowboarding, they make it look crisp.

Joe: Excellent. I can’t wait.

Nima: The original MDP movie is still going down, and they got Darrel now. That’s gonna be an amazing film also, be sure to check that one out.

Joe: So is Neoproto a different name? What should kids look for?

Nima: Neoproto is no longer … Some Kinda Life was the last Neoproto film, the new thing is called People and its under Mack Dawg Productions. Sso pretty muuch, Mack Dawg is gonna have its regular movie, and this new one on the side.

Joe: Any thing going on in the next few weeks?

Nima: Yeah, were gonna go on a few more rail trips, teaser deadline is comin’ up, so we gotta get some hammers … try to finish up rails then start doin’ the backcountry thing.

Joe: Sounds like a fun winter ahead of you. I know everyone will be excited to see your new part. Any enders for this interview?

Nima: Not really, snowboard at Bear Mountain, go to twsnow.com, support Spy, Earth, M4 (www.4ismore.com), and Flux … keep it causal, and don’t ping … cheers.