My job as a snowboard photographer:

I have finally come to terms with the fact that the photographer part is the last thing on the list of things that I do. I'm a life coach, counselor, motivator, doctor, search and rescue party, a backcountry guide, travel agent, businessperson, photo editor, marketing person, friend, someone relied on to save someone's life, and the list goes on. When I started, I did not know what I was signing up for. The things that really bother me about my job are also the things I love. I believe that I made the decision to do this with my life subconsciously. The things that I have seen and been a part of have changed my life forever. The snowboard community is the most dysfunctional group of people in the world. We're anything but normal. That is why we're all working together. Where else can you be free to express yourself in any way and be accepted? If you don't fit in to society and you're not considered a normal person, then come join us. We will welcome anyone who doesn't want to be put into a cookie-cutter mold. Normal will never measure up to being extraordinary. That is what we are.

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