HSCS’s Enter The Dragon 2 Results

Bend, OR (February 19, 2004) †¹ This weekend High Cascade Snowboard Camp(HCSC) held the second of three events for the 2004 ENTER THE DRAGON seriesat Mt. Bachelor. Saturday©Ë†s slopestyle and Sunday©Ë†s superpipe event servedas an opportunity for riders to qualify for the USASA National competitionat Angel Fire Resort, March 21-27, 2004.

Ten-year-old phenomenon, Ben Watts demonstrated his skill with a linked BS540, BS 360 and a Back-flip off the jumps, then showed off his skate styleon the rails, with a boardslide down the entire 30-foot flat bar, andfrontside boardslide on the 20-foot double barrel. His runs put him easilyinto first place in his age division, and fourth overall.

Though absent from the first ENTER THE DRAGON slopestyle, Dustin Hamlet,made his presence known this weekend, being one of few to stomp spins offthe 45ft table making him a newfound threat to the Men©Ë†s Youth division.

Speaking of threats, Carson Schubert, not only stole the lead in Nationalsqualifier points, but also claimed first overall in this weekend©Ë†sslopestyle. He linked a Half-Cab, to a huge BS 540 Indy, and stomped aperfect BS 720, ending his run with a Boardslide to fakie into a CabBoardslide.

On Sunday, the ENTER THE DRAGON Superpipe (II) contest was met with lessthan ideal weather. Five inches of fresh filled the pipe with knee-deep winddrifts, and threatened to delay the competition. Encouraged by the sunpoking thought the clouds, the competitors rallied to slip out the drifts ofthe otherwise perfect pipe.

At an ENTER THE DRAGON Superpipe you can count on two things: 1. ArieneLind showing up late for his run. 2. Ariene Lind blasting in the pipe.This Sunday was no different. Ariene stoked the judges boosting head highairs into a BS 540, FS 540, and Mctwist 720 combo. He earned first overallin this weekend©Ë†s superpipe and a shot at Nationals.

The next ENTER THE DRAGON contest weekend will take place February 28-29h atMt. Bachelor. Prizes will be raffled to competitors from sponsors: Salomon,Bonfire, Oakley, TransWorld, Nitro, Lib Tech, Gnu, DaKine, Vans, Side EffectBoard Shop, and PrintMG.

Join us Feb 28th after the final Slopestyle event, for TransWorldSNOWboarding©Ë†s TransAm Rail Jam event. The Rail Jam will be held at thebase of Mt. Bachelor in front of the West Village lodge. Invitations to theevent will be given to selected slopestyle participants from Saturday©Ë†sevent. Prizes will be awarded at a pizza party later that night in Bend, OR.

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