Photos by Liam Gallagher

Pat Moore’s can put it up. But he’s also down to keep it closer to the snow. Nothing better than some low-impact lip tricks to break up the monotony of double overhead airs in the pipe. Case in point: The Tripod.

It’s one of Pat’s favorites and he’s here to share it with you.

1.) Learn to do Tripods on the flat ground, the best way is to be on your toe edge looking uphill and hop to your nose with your hands on the ground and balance like that.

2.) Go up your toe side wall in the pipe, carry only enough speed to hop out of the pipe.

3.) When you get to the lip, suck the transition up as if you were exiting the pipe.

4.) Aim for a foot or so past the lip on the deck and land in a tripod, this is where you can throw in any variations you wish—bipod, sleeper, tripod to block, etc.

5.) Keep an eye on the lip and start to direct your motion towards it, as you get close to the lip, pop out of the tripod and push your body into the transition. Be sure to keep your eye on the lip though so you dont catch and flip and die.

6.) Land it with speed and head to your heel side wall for an alley-oop!