Hot Not: June ’07


Wearing sunglasses while snowboarding; not tapping your nose or tail while pressing; edgy haircuts; snowboarders moving to So Cal for summer; the beach; vintage motorcycles; UNIV.; biker gangs; Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series; Summer snowboard camp; Panasonic HVX200 video camera; snowboarding with your friends; peace; handplants; Scotty Lago; Leica D-Lux 3 point-and-shoot camera; fishing; Ask The Dingo; Brixton hats; buying music and TV shows on iTunes; iChatting; Cobra Dogs; tye dye; tap-spins; backside 180 no grabs; recreational skiing; slednecking; being jaded; de-cambered boards; frontside 180s to switch nosepress; switch triple backflips; one footed airs; gold; BBQ’s; garage-band; mini ramps; Banksy; girls doing backside 900s; Guitar Hero; thrash metal; grease instead of gas is hot (oil is not); frontside spins with roast beef grabs.


Combo tricks on rails; wide boxes; neon colors; global warming; spinning like a top on boxes; cut off sweatshirts; goggle tans; cut-off jeans as shorts (possibly so not hot they’re hot); drugs; gas prices; Cox Communications; toe-edge scorpions; heel-edge scorpions; barley grinds; hot garbages; calling a switch frontside spin a cab spin; back-to-back 1080s; that Peter Bjorn and John song; Chad’s Gap; Tall T’s; biting; Sony VX2000 video camera; snowboard sales.